Lisa Karvellas & Stephanie Baynton

LISA KARVELLAS & STEPHANIE BAYNTON, the two young entrepreneurial sisters behind Cedar Lakes Estate.

Cedar Lakes Estate is a 500-acre private event venue in the heart of the Hudson Valley. With luxury overnight accommodations, pristine event spaces, tranquil outdoor activities, and ideal location, Cedar Lakes Estate is the perfect escape for an elegant wedding or corporate offsite.

The Karvellas family has owned this richly historic property since 1986, when it originally served as a summer camp where daughters Stephanie and Lisa spent their summers. When the sisters were 23 and 24, they decided to build a business where they could foster their love for food, event planning, and affection for their childhood home. They resurrected the breathtaking property, building charming cottages, a modern barn, and stunning venues used for weddings and retreats. Now as the business’s Co-Founders, they work each day to share their combined passions with their visitors.

Over the past 7 years, they built a multi-million dollar business with over 100 employees. They have hosted celebrity weddings and leading international company retreats, and continue to receive praise in many different realms of the media world. From Vogue to Forbes to Martha Stewart, everyone is buzzing about Cedar Lakes.

Connect with The Sisters of Cedar Lakes State:

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