Inez Sobczak

INEZ SOBCZAK, founder and master trainer at Fit-Nez, has more than 15-years of experience as an innovator in health and fitness. Her approach to healthy living combines clean nutrition with a sensible approach to exercise that produces positive transformations for her clients. Inez stays focused on her Fit-Nez clients, helping them learn how to best fuel their bodies and their workdays. Her programs are tailored to each individual and her coaching style is laser-like in its intensity. She guides her clients through the challenges they may face and is intentional about every action. Inez holds more than a dozen different health, fitness and nutrition certifications, is a national-level Figure competitor, Orange Theory coach, marathon competitor and widely recognized expert in corporate wellness. She creates engaging and inspiring content that leave others feeling empowered.

Inez was first certified as a group fitness instructor while still in high school. In college, she created and developed a wellness program for her college including nutrition education and fitness classes. Upon graduation, she embarked on a career in sales, where during lunch hours and weekends she continued her commitment to helping those around her achieve their fitness goals.

After a few years in sales, she turned her passion into a full-time mission by opening Fit-Nez. Inez holds over a dozen health, fitness and nutritional certifications. She is a national figure competitor, a marathon runner and widely recognized expert in nutrition, corporate wellness. She maintains a complete commitment to living the fitness lifestyle she imparts to her clients.