Dr. JeFreda R. Brown, DBA




Financial Subject Matter Expert and Educator, DR. JEFREDA BROWN, helps empower individuals and organizations to make informed and positive financial decisions. She is passionate about helping her clients with wealth management and creating generational wealth.

JeFreda excels in Helping You Sustain Your Finances. She enjoys strategically developing and implementing strategies and systems to help clients optimize efficiency, productivity, quality, and profitability. She is known for her dynamic communication skills and expertise in building client, community, and team relationships. She refuses to be anything less than professional, competent, efficient, and ethical. As one of the few Black female financial professionals in the nation with a doctorate in Finance, she is a role model for women and minorities everywhere.

As Founder and CEO of Xaris Financial Enterprises, LLC, it is her passion and life goal to help people develop financial health and wellness through financial education. Her passion is to help people learn about proper financial management and stewardship. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), she promotes financial wellness as a Financial Literacy Educator and Advocate.

With over 20 years’ experience in federal, nonprofit, corporate, and academic sectors, JeFreda is one of America’s Premiere Financial Educators. She has a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a Finance concentration degree from Walden University. JeFreda earned her BS degree in Math from Mississippi State University. She also has an MBA with a concentration in Finance from Mississippi College. She is a former Online eCornell Course Facilitator with Cornell University; a former Adjunct Professor with University of Alabama Birmingham’s Collat Business School; and a former Online Adjunct Professor with Indiana Wesleyan University’s DeVoe Business School. Additionally, JeFreda is a Speaker, Writer, Author, and Minister.

In 2010, JeFreda was chosen as the winner of the Black Enterprise Magazine and Porsche Cars’ Intelligent Performers contest out of over 300 entries across the country. A highly respected expert in personal and business finance, she has appeared on national, international, and local television and financial podcasts, radio shows, and various other traditional and digital media outlets including ABC News, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, US News, UpJourney, Staples, & Intuit Small Business Blog. She has been interviewed on ABC News Nightline, Fox News, Black Enterprise Business Report, More Money Podcast, Annie Jennings Podcast, and Bloomberg Radio. She is a featured contributor in the book, I Didn’t Learn That in High School: 199 Facts About Credit Scores, available on Amazon. She previously had a weekly financial literacy segment on FUBU Radio.

JeFreda is a Financial Review Board Member for Investopedia and The Balance. She is also a Financial Writer for Investopedia. She is a member of CHIP’s Professional Advisory Board. She was the 2021 Chair of the Jimmie Hale Mission Board of Directors. She previously served as Treasurer on Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)’s Board of Directors and served on WIPP’s Leadership Council. In August 2016, she was selected for National Small Business Association’s (NSBA) invitation only Leadership Council and appointed to NSBA’s Economic Development Issue Committee.

For information about Xaris Financial Enterprises, visit http://www.xarisfinance.com. For more information on Dr. Brown, visit her website at http://www.DoctorJeFreda.com. Find JeFreda on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/jefredabrown) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/drjefredabrown). She is available for onsite and online workshops, courses, training, summits, webinars, conferences, interviews, and private sessions.