Erica Powell

ERICA POWELL  is the lead founder, visionary, and lifestyle architect at Erica Powell & Co., who offers custom branding, website design, coaching programs, and retreats for high ticket service entrepreneurs in the b2b, events, and lifestyle industries.

Her mission is for her community members to attain immeasurable financial success and joyful life balance they crave most. As a former platinum event planner and international publisher, Erica’s first hand experience attracting and closing high end clients gave her clarity about what consumers in the luxury market are looking for in a brand identity and messaging, web presence, and client experience. As a business coach, She is also acutely in tune with the challenges entrepreneurs face daily. Through speaking engagements, hosting the Joie Retreats, her signature coaching programs, creating our online classes, educating and elevating entrepreneurs globally is one of her absolute greatest joys.

  • Proud mom of eight-year-old strawberry blonde daughter Brynnleigh, a feisty Papillion named Izzy, a beast of a Doberman Pinscher named Watson, and newest addition to her family, a second Doberman Pinscher named Raven.
  • Wife to Jonathan Powell (two type A achievers under one roof, heaven help us!)
  • Personal design taste is a mixture of clean, classic, luxurious, a little rustic, and always includes a sense of whimsy.
  • Believes in there is no such a thing as too many chandeliers…
  • Lived in all areas of Connecticut, upstate New York, Florida, and now residents of Texas near Houston!
  • Cloud Macchiatos, bubble tea, and sparkling wine are her go-to favorites.
  • Favorite places to travel are Monaco, France, Tuscany, Capri, and anywhere on the Amalfi Coast. Nothing makes her happier than gorgeous waterfront architecture, palm trees, and old-world charm!