Ryan Killebrew

RYAN KILLEBREW, a native of Camden, NJ, is the founder of Killebrew Consulting LLC, a trusted financial services firm dedicated to delivering reliable and professional financial coaching and consulting services. With a mission to educate and assist individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, and nonprofit organizations, Ryan brings a wealth of expertise in tax planning, business structuring, bookkeeping, and optimizing deductions.

Ryan’s extensive experience in the finance industry spans twelve years and includes seven years in banking for one of the nation’s largest commercial banks. During her tenure, Ryan actively engaged with the community, leading financial literacy workshops at schools and universities throughout Philadelphia. This commitment to empowering others with financial knowledge fuels her passion for speaking and sharing valuable insights with CEOs and small business entrepreneurs.

As a sought-after speaker, Ryan captivates audiences with her expertise on tax planning strategies and the advantages of effective business structuring. Her engaging presentations highlight the importance of working with a skilled bookkeeper, optimizing deductions, and implementing proactive measures throughout the year to set businesses up for success.