Breanna Aponte

2BREANNA APONTE is a college dropout who at the age of 19, turned her dreams into reality by building her brand and utilizing social media. This self-taught entrepreneur and business coach is the owner and CEO of ALL ABOUT IT, a social media and branding business that helps creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals take their “it” to the next level. All About It has served thousands of clients world-wide in building their brands, scaling their business and growing their following. The company launched All About It University in 2019 which is an online educational platform for creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals on a budget. In 2020, due to high demand, the company expanded. Going from being run full time by Breanna and her fiancé  Dre Smith, to hiring a skilled team of individuals who now serve All About It clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria & France.

Her clients include: NBA & NFL Athletes, Billboard Musicians & Artists, Doctors, Lawyers, Authors, Coaches, Influencers, Bloggers, Published Models, Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Breanna is also the founder and creator of The Shameless Life, a brand that encourages and equips women with the knowledge and skills they need to abandon fear, become their best selves and create a life they love. You can tune in to The Shameless Life Podcast, read The Shameless Life Blog or join her 6 Week Intensive Coaching Program for women who are ready to live a life full of purpose, passion and profit.

She is currently planning her destination wedding which takes place in April of 2021. Her and her fiancé have been waiting for marriage for almost 4 years now. The couple has a well known YouTube channel where they share their journey of waiting and help encourage others to find happy and healthy relationships that place God at the center.

When Breanna’s not busy running her businesses, she’s traveling, spending time with her girls and being a goofball with her favorite person, her fiancé.