“So often, wedding-related conferences are filled with aesthetics and “fluff,” but the Signature CEO Conference had a lot of substance! I was pleasantly surprised with how informative, yet engaging and accessible, the speakers were! The topics focused on entrepreneurship, the legalities and logistics of owning a business, and marketing/branding. As a fairly new wedding professional, I noticed that even those who have been in the field for many years benefited from the material covered.

Aside from the educational component, the conference was a great opportunity to network with wedding experts who traveled from around the country. There were several team-building exercises that encouraged constructive conversation. This was especially helpful for those who may not find networking particularly easy.

Lastly, the conference simply allowed us to have a good time. There were several raffles, a DJ, delicious snacks, an evening reception, and more! The environment made it easy to open up and ask questions to the speakers and to each other. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to attend The Signature CEO conference.”

Hana Pugh | Howerton-Wooten Events