“Last year (2015) I attended a 2-day conference that really helped me become a more proficient business owner. It had nothing to do with my skill or experience as a makeup artist, but it was hands-on instructional learning that challenged and empowered me as an entrepreneur in the exciting and ever-changing wedding and event industry.

I saw areas I was doing great in and other areas that needed attention. There were amazing topics discussed by some of the best leaders and experts in fields ranging from Branding, Business Strategy and Development and Team Building to Preparing for Uncle Sam, Contracts, Protecting and Insuring your Business and Project Management.

It was the Signature CEO Conference founded by Tara Melvin of Perfect Planning Events and it’s happening again on October 31 and November 1st at the The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. The lineup of speakers is amazing and most are non-event industry related to provide a unique outlook on leadership, success and business intelligence that has transformed their professional careers.

If you’re a business professional, entrepreneur, creative, etc. looking to have continued growth with your business, strengthen your core attributes as an entrepreneur and be a more proficient business owner, then check out the Signature CEO Conference. You won’t be disappointed!”

Shauné Hayes | Shauné Hayes Make-up Artist