First of all I want to thank you for the invitation to The Signature CEO Conference.  I was a little skeptical because I thought it was just for event planners and wedding industry professionals and would I really gleam anything to grow my business from it.  Boy was I wrong, being a small business I thought my budget was the most important aspect of my business and I carefully watched every penny.   I thought if I  am going to invest in a conference, tradeshow, trunk show or any other business event I had to be able to foresee the return.  What I didn’t realize is that I had to make an investment in myself to grow my business I know that sounds strange but it’s true.  Attending this conference has significantly enhanced my business!

I’m a Fashion Designer who also produces a Bridal line every year.  While attending The Signature CEO Conference I learned that there were in fact many changes I could make to my business model that would impact my bottom line and that there were a network of professionals at the conference that could assist me all I had to do is reach out to them. I learned that there were cost effective tools and programs available and many networking opportunities to help me effectively grow my business.

Since attending The Signature CEO Conference, I have implemented several suggested changes to my business model; I have increased my presence through social media by hiring a company that understands my business culture;  I learned that you should network at every given opportunity because the next person you connect with could become a client I am getting better at networking.  There is still more to learn but  I really feel this conference was and is worth the investment.

Sondra Falk | Sondra Falk Couture