This conference is for Creative Professionals who are “high-achievers” and exemplify a business mindset thinking like an entrepreneur and the desire to present themselves and their business in the most professional way possible.  Is that You?

If you are a Creative Professional with an authentic spirit looking to maximize profits, be in control of your business, become a proficient leader, ensure stability for your business, elevate your business and eager to adapt new business intelligence that will allow you to soar in your industry,  you are in the right place!

Bloggers • Artists • Designers • Stylists • Graphic Designers • Planners • Photographers • Deejays • Floral Designers • Bridal Salon Owners • Videographers Stylists • Pastry Chefs  Caterers • Stationery Designers • Officiants • Musicians • Rental Suppliers • Venue • & MORE!


THE SIGNATURE C.E.O. CONFERENCE provides the opportunity for Creative Professionals to:

  • Experience and engage in core content to bridge the gap between business acumen and leadership
  • Leverage Sustainability to maximize your bottom-line that will actually lead to increased profitability
  • Empower your decision-making skills
  • Enhance entrepreneurship/small business ownership
  • Discover best business practices
  • Develop invaluable leadership skills,
  • Foster business networking and long-term relationship building,
  • Propel business and personal branding
  • And much more.

Our Expert Speakers are thought leaders who will inspire new ideas, strategies and perspectives, focusing on the most relevant solutions business leaders can immediately implement in their companies and community. Through a combination of educational sessions and meaningful networking opportunities, the conference will highly engage YOU with new and innovative thought-leading best business practices that define success, while creating leadership skills that help to continue to build YOUR creative community.

THE SIGNATURE C.E.O. CONFERENCE will encompass the following areas of Business Intelligence:

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Business Planning & Goal Setting
  • Business Technology
  • Legal & Contracts
  • Best Business Practices
  • Productivity & Business Management
  • Business Innovations
  • Generational Wealth
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting Processes
  • Health, Wellness, Transformation


Upon completion of YOUR journey with us, YOU will be able to:

  • Experience growth by applying reliable business tools
  • Have a fresh look into business practices
  • Have a creative approach to business that will aid in overcoming business challenges
  • Have the ability to see beyond the day-to-day operations and focus on what’s truly critical
  • Ultimately improve your business decisions and drive tangible results
  • Demonstrate effective leadership within the wedding and event planning community
  • Strengthen your business presence
  • Develop effective team building skills
  • Effectively close deals
  • Feel more confident in your leadership decisions
  • Accelerate the growth of your business!
  • Answer the question, “Why Should this Customer Do Business With Me”?