Lisa Zachery

LISA RENEE ZACHERY is Founder and Creative Director of Papered Wonders, Inc. She has curated the gift of creativity and fueled it with passion to build a business that creates custom stationery that is not only admired, but desired around the globe.

Papered Wonders, Inc began as a part-time passion for Lisa R. Zachery while she was employed as a corporate trainer. She enjoyed creating invitations for family and friends’ social events. This love for paper and for the beauty of celebration soon turned into a full-time endeavor after the birth of her daughter, Kennedy Renee, in 2001. For seventeen years, Lisa has sought to enhance the world of stationery by not only designing works of art, but by producing pieces of stationery that transcend ordinary boundaries. While Papered Wonders, Inc. is unique in that it specializes in graphic design, business collateral as well as social event stationery, its greatest impact has been made in the wedding industry.

Lisa Zachery has taken her expertise in the area of customer service and infused it with her knowledge of marketing and branding to assist other business owners with crafting their best look on paper and other collateral. As her credibility has increased, she has become a sought after conference and panel speaker.

Ms. Zachery is inspired daily by the Creator himself and is an active member of her church, Beulah Missionary Baptist Church. She believes in serving members of her community and appreciates the opportunity to inspire others to hope, to trust and to believe. She is also inspired by her family and is grateful for the work ethic that she received from her late grandparents who taught her to be dedicated to her craft. Lisa’s purely wondrous inspiration is her daughter and it is the moments she spends with her that Lisa treasures most. They can often be found taking in the solace of the ocean waves or simply enjoying time by the pool.

Lisa R. Zachery strives daily to become a gift God will continue to unwrap and that the world will forever want to open.  “What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” (Eleanor Roosevelt).

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