Jamie Kutchman Wynne | Marigold & Grey

Being a speaker at Tara Melvin’s Signature CEO Conference was out of a dream. Ahead of the conference, we received very detailed, step-by-step instructions on what was expected of us as speakers, a full conference itinerary, local area information and more! Thanks to Tara, I never once felt confused or in the dark about ANY detail, big or small, making the speaking experience completely stress-free. Once at the conference, the vibe was electric. The audience was diverse and fully engaged in every single presentation. Being up in front of such a warm and welcoming audience was a complete blast! I learned a TON from the other speakers and also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the attendees at mealtime and in-between presentations. I can honestly say that The Signature CEO Conference is one of the most well-organized, inclusive, and educational conferences I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking at. Despite the countless conferences and workshops out there these days, I would return to The Signature CEO Conference in a heartbeat!

Reina Pomeroy | Reina + Co

Speaking at Tara’s Signature CEO conference was a huge honor and pleasure. It is the most effectively run and organized conference that I’ve experienced as a speaker. The details of deadlines, expectations on both sides, and what to know were communicated clearly. As a participant in the conference, I loved the true diversity of experience and backgrounds that was represented. Not only will you be inspired by the creatives that surround you but the education enforces the business aspect of running a creative entrepreneur operation. The Wedding Industry is lucky to have a leader like Tara putting on this event!

Shelby Tuck Horton | Shelby Tuck Horton

I have been a fan of The Signature C.E.O Conference since I attended my very first one.  To be truthful, I mainly attended to support Tara for her first conference.  However, that was one of the best conferences I had ever attended.  I loved that some of the speakers were not in the wedding industry but had valuable information, strategies, and tips for business growth.  As many conferences as I have attended in the wedding industry, I walked away with a notebook full of notes with strategies I could easily implement for business improvement.  Needless to say, I became a loyal attendee who only missed one year due to a conflict.

Since I missed last year’s conference, I was really looking forward to this year’s Signature C.E.O. Conference.  When the decision was made to make it a virtual conference due to the pandemic, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it as much. I don’t particularly like staying online for long periods of time.  However, the speakers were engaging, informative, and authentic in their presentations.  There was still interaction between the speakers and attendees, fun, games, and entertainment.   I ended up taking tons of  notes.  Sometimes I learned something new or confirmed something that I already knew.  There was information shared that could be easily be implemented to see immediate changes in your business.  All of the speakers were great and I learned something from each one but I really enjoyed Britney Jeanine, a creative brand consultant.  She presented on building a plan-based business and brand.  Her presentation was informative and authentic.  She helped me to see some mistakes I was making in my branding and confirmed some things that I was doing correctly.  I loved her energy and willingness share her expertise in such an easy to comprehend manner.

I love the Signature C.E.O Conference and look forward to attending next year.  It is worth the investment in you and your business.

Monique Melton | Monique Melton

I was a speaker at The Signature CEO Conference 2018 and I had such a thoughtful and positive experience!  The event was carefully planned to give everyone in attendance plenty of great actionable education while also include time to connect with one another.  It was a great blend of fun and laughter and “no fluff” quality education.  I would definitely recommend this conference for those who are looking for tangible educational information in an enjoyable and friendly community.

Teaira Abston | Dreamcatcher Creative Studio

The Signature CEO Conference was absolutely amazing and just what I needed to prepare for next year. The wealth of knowledge I acquired from the speaker line-up was invaluable. I look forward to applying the tools that were giving and nurturing the genuine connections that were made.

Lorri Lewis  |  The DirectHer & Before the Big Day Podcast

Whenever someone asked me, or still asks, about my time at the 2017 Signature CEO Conference, I simply respond with AH-MAZING! I’ve realized that my 20 years in education has reached its peak, and it’s time to transition to the wedding profession, so, I was extremely excited to attend this year’s conference at the recommendation of another wedding professional in Michigan. Although she wasn’t able to attend and I knew absolutely no one, I relished the thought of meeting and interacting with like-minded professionals.

While there, I was enlightened, motivated and encouraged by the presenters and the attendees. I took approximately eight pages of notes on the first day. Additionally, the structure of the conference, the meals (and snacks!), the decor, and the overall atmosphere were exceptional. I was so engaged as evident above that I truly disregarded anything and anyone not present, i.e. no text messaging, phone calls, etc. In fact, I was a little sad when the conference; however, I departed with my notes, an action plan that I’ve already implemented, an accountability partner, and most excitedly, a new network of wedding professionals that I will cherish forever.

Ari Jones | ARJ Productions

The Signature CEO conference was a wonderful opportunity for me to not only network with other event professionals but also for me to learn from experts in the industry on a wide array of topics. My favorite part of the conference was the Q and A and interactive element of each presentation which allowed the conference participants to get up close and personal with the speakers. I would definitely recommend this conference to my peers in the industry and am excited to see what the 2018 Signature CEO Conference has planned!!

Crystal Marie Lewis | Crystal Marie Events

This conference is like no other. If you are just starting out your business or trying to level up your business this is the conference doe you. Amazing speakers, networking opportunities and you are able to approach the speakers and talk with them. You aren’t able to do that at every conference. Tara puts her whole foot in this conference. From the branding, to the food to the swag bags and sponsors. This conference helped my business in more ways than one. Thank you Tara for pouring back into the event industry.

LaMeeka Edwards | Cakes by LaMeeka

I always tell other cake people “Invest in Yourself” a YouTube is good, a book is good but a conference or class is BETTER!  This conference is one you can truly gain information to improve your business! It gave me the tools to reset my thinking and run my business with a different mindset. The speakers didn’t waist a lot of time talking about themselves – that’s why Tara wrote the bio – they focused on your needs, how what they learned over the years can make your business better.  Sometimes I was moved to tears to see the simple changes I could make but no one ever pointed out.  Perfect Planning Events (Tara) is really interested in developing amazing CEO’s.  You know when you are learning, building, and excelling!  You walk out with a new lease on your business!

Miriam Liggett | President & COO, Soliloquy Bridal Couture

I didn’t think this conference could get any better, and this year just blew me away! The speakers shared real and riveting information that I could put to work immediately in my business. The talent of the other attendees was motivational as well. The investment was worth every minute I spent at the conference. Can’t wait until next year!”(2016 Testimonial)

“The Signature CEO Conference was even better than I thought it would be! The variety of speakers and topics kept me engaged and inspired. I planned my entire year based on the tips I received from each speaker. The speakers were genuine and willing to openly share their success and struggles in business. It was a refreshing change to the typical conference where it seems every speaker had a meteoric rise to success. I felt empowered and energized! ” (2015 Testimonial)

Michelle Williams  |  New Beginnings Event Management

The Signature CEO Conference exceeded any expectations I may have had. This was my first year attending the conference and it was the best investment I could have made in myself and for my business. The speakers were top notch, and each of them gave me something I can use in my business. A wonderful experience!!!

Jasmine Wright  |  The Wright Experience LLC

The Signature C.E.O Conference is one that I can say get better year after year. The speaker line-up was incredible! The content presented was full of golden nuggets that I can implement right away to move my business forward. The conference not only focused on how to level-up in my own business, but promoted community over competition, as so many attendees were willing to share strategies, or offer suggestions. Just an all around great experience.

Angel Livas  |  DC Media Connection

The Signature CEO Conference offers a phenomenal professional development experience for “business owners” of all industries.

This year, I attended as a speaker and was blown away by the caliber of presenters, practical take-aways and collaborative opportunities. Tara goes above and beyond to ensure attendees and presenters receive an invaluable return on their investment.

Meryl Snow | Meryl Snow Consultants 

I have either planned or spoken at many conferences, symposiums and workshops- large & small. For me, what makes a great conference is to follow 4 rules:
1. Quality of the speakers
2. Focus of the content
3. Real, significant news discussed
4. Attention to the details
The Signature CEO conference is unique in the fact that the emphases of all four rules are followed extremely well. The take-home value is stremendous.

Vivian Duru | Vivid Experience

This conference is nothing short of amazing! Working as an event designer I have been to many conferences that discuss all design, however, this intimate conference, The Signature CEO Conference was on a different level. It provided a deep dive into the business of Events. From the speakers to the intimate luncheons and networking opportunities this conference was simply AMAZING.

The conference provided me the opportunity to meet new people but also build key relationships that have expanded and supported the growth in my career. There was nothing left accounted for this conference; from the exquisite décor, the quality speakers, and the excellent food. I would recommend anyone within the event industry or just entrepreneurial space – this conference touches
on it all.

Channing Muller  |  DCM Communications

Well executed, informative, and met great people in the wedding industry.  Big thumbs up!

Shauné Hayes | Red Carpet Ready Make Up

“Last year (2015) I attended a 2-day conference that really helped me become a more proficient business owner. It had nothing to do with my skill or experience as a makeup artist, but it was hands-on instructional learning that challenged and empowered me as an entrepreneur in the exciting and ever-changing wedding and event industry.

I saw areas I was doing great in and other areas that needed attention. There were amazing topics discussed by some of the best leaders and experts in fields ranging from Branding, Business Strategy and Development and Team Building to Preparing for Uncle Sam, Contracts, Protecting and Insuring your Business and Project Management.

It was the Signature CEO Conference founded by Tara Melvin of Perfect Planning Events and it’s happening again on October 31 and November 1st at the The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. The lineup of speakers is amazing and most are non-event industry related to provide a unique outlook on leadership, success and business intelligence that has transformed their professional careers.

If you’re a business professional, entrepreneur, creative, etc. looking to have continued growth with your business, strengthen your core attributes as an entrepreneur and be a more proficient business owner, then check out the Signature CEO Conference. You won’t be disappointed!”

Pearlice Diggs | P3 Weddings & Events

The Signature C.E.O Conference came during a period in my business, where I was questioning if I had everything I needed to be successful. After some months of reviewing my business processes and lessons learned, the missing link was the ever changing world of contracts, pricing, and legal compliance. The speakers openly and genuinely shared their experiences with these topics, the good, the bad, and the not so good. Each shared tools, formulas, and resources that I immediately made note of and started to implement immediately. The conference forced me out of my bubble, provided an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, fellowship, enjoy some amazing food, feast my eyes on beautiful décor, and realize being an entrepreneur is a rewarding journey. Thanks Tara and Team for an amazing
Signature CEO Experience.

Hana Pugh | Howerton-Wooten Events

“So often, wedding-related conferences are filled with aesthetics and “fluff,” but the Signature CEO Conference had a lot of substance! I was pleasantly surprised with how informative, yet engaging and accessible, the speakers were! The topics focused on entrepreneurship, the legalities and logistics of owning a business, and marketing/branding. As a fairly new wedding professional, I noticed that even those who have been in the field for many years benefited from the material covered.

Aside from the educational component, the conference was a great opportunity to network with wedding experts who traveled from around the country. There were several team-building exercises that encouraged constructive conversation. This was especially helpful for those who may not find networking particularly easy.

Lastly, the conference simply allowed us to have a good time. There were several raffles, a DJ, delicious snacks, an evening reception, and more! The environment made it easy to open up and ask questions to the speakers and to each other. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to attend The Signature CEO conference.”

Shelby Tuck-Horton | Exquisite Expressions & Events

“Initially, I registered to attend The Signature C.E.O. Conference because I wanted to support Tara Melvin by attending her first conference.  Since I have attended many conferences throughout my career as a wedding planner, I knew she would have a good line-up of speakers.  I expected to listen to the speakers, hear what I have heard from many speakers before, and take a few notes if I heard something new.  However, the speakers were engaging, educational and informative and I ended up taking pages of notes.

Usually, following a conference, my notes sit in the notebook for months before I even review them.  For the first time in years, I could not wait to implement some of the tools and tips that I received from the speaker.  What I really enjoyed the most was that the speakers were not all from the wedding industry.  The speakers offered valuable information that was applicable to any business.  In usual Tara fashion, no detail was left undone.  We received information and apps to make the best of our experience before we even got to the conference.  At the conference, we received gift bags and other goodies throughout the day.  There was plenty of food and snacks to eat and she did not forget my vegetarian diet requirements.  Never once did I have to ask if there was anything for me to eat.  At most conferences, I am the last to eat because no one remembers that I am a vegetarian.  Two days of learning VALUABLE content culminated with an evening of fun, delicious cuisine and dancing.  Just in case you are wondering, YES, I have registered to attend this year and excited to hear this year’s line-up of amazing speakers.  It was well worth the investment!”

Khaleela Zephyr | owner, Refined Occasions

“The Signature CEO conference was an amazing experience. I was an aspiring entrepreneur looking to break into the event industry and didn’t know where to start. I stumbled across Tara’s Signature CEO conference 2015 and I knew I had to attend. The wealth of knowledge she brings to the table with her guest speaker roster is immeasurable. The keynote speaker, Heidi Elnora, was the highlight for me. Each speaker brought their knowledge and expertise in their respective field that related to any business owner, regardless of their industry or status. The team building exercises were fun and I learned a lot from my team members. I made many connections and left the conference feeling empowered and in control of my destiny. I hit the ground running and a year later I am the proud owner of my own event planning company.  The Signature CEO Conference as well as another program that Tara offers hands down provided me with the tools, information and resources I needed. It was the best investment I made and I can’t wait to see what the next one has to offer. Knowledge is power and the Signature CEO Conference will surely deliver an amazing, powerful and thought-provoking experience to anyone who attends.

Nicole Fingers | Fingers in Ink

As a professional stationer in the wedding industry for 16 years, I’ve attended workshops and networking events, but when introduced to The Signature CEO Conference, I didn’t know what to expect. I was open to the experience, and when I say EXPERIENCE, I mean a true experience! Tara Melvin missed no detail in presenting a very polished and professional setting to learn and grow professionally and personally in your business. From the superb food to the fantastic entertainment to the phenomenal speakers, who shared innovative ways to meet the needs of our clients; this conference was extremely enlightening and inspiring. I immediately implemented just a few of the tools learned and have seen results. (I am looking to incorporate a few more tools in the upcoming quarter and know that those to will bring success as well.) The presentations gave me a new sense of purpose in my day to day operations. I am more motivated to do more than just “get the job done”! The Signature CEO Conference was truly memorable and a conference that FINGERS IN INK will look forward to attending.

Alicia Copeland | From Yes to I Do

People are put into your life for a reason. Everything happens for a divine reason. These are words that I have heard often and sometimes doubted… until the Signature CEO experience. I have attended multiple conferences. Afterwards I left with some takeaways and nuggets of knowledge that I could use and planned to implement. This conference was an inspiring experience. Words can’t really describe all that I learned in two days. I met some powerhouses in the wedding & event industry, learned from a variety of experts what would have cost a ton of money to obtain individually, and made lots of new connections. The information presented was invaluable. The entire experience was amazing. I left empowered, more confident and ready to take my business to the next level. This has been the first conference where every session, every speaker, every detail was something that I could and would use in the future. I would advise anyone in the wedding industry- no matter the experience level- to attend this conference. For novices, it provides insightful ways to get you noticed and to be successful. For veterans, it will keep you trained on your trade and then some!! It is truly worth the investment. I have treasured all of knowledge shared as well as the new relationships I have made.

Sondra Falk | Sondra Falk Couture

First of all I want to thank you for the invitation to The Signature CEO Conference.  I was a little skeptical because I thought it was just for event planners and wedding industry professionals and would I really gleam anything to grow my business from it.  Boy was I wrong, being a small business I thought my budget was the most important aspect of my business and I carefully watched every penny.   I thought if I  am going to invest in a conference, tradeshow, trunk show or any other business event I had to be able to foresee the return.  What I didn’t realize is that I had to make an investment in myself to grow my business I know that sounds strange but it’s true.  Attending this conference has significantly enhanced my business!

I’m a Fashion Designer who also produces a Bridal line every year.  While attending The Signature CEO Conference I learned that there were in fact many changes I could make to my business model that would impact my bottom line and that there were a network of professionals at the conference that could assist me all I had to do is reach out to them. I learned that there were cost effective tools and programs available and many networking opportunities to help me effectively grow my business.

Since attending The Signature CEO Conference, I have implemented several suggested changes to my business model; I have increased my presence through social media by hiring a company that understands my business culture;  I learned that you should network at every given opportunity because the next person you connect with could become a client I am getting better at networking.  There is still more to learn but  I really feel this conference was and is worth the investment.

Marilyn Patterson | Joyous Events LLC

“Recently I had the pleasure of attending The Signature CEO Conference. As the owner of a growing Event Management company in Northern Virginia, time is one of my most precious resources.   In seeking opportunities for professional development, I value the investment in both industry and business knowledge to keep me competitive in the marketplace. The Signature CEO Conference provided exactly what I was seeking to further my business acumen.  There was just the right balance of technical and practical strategies delivered by the stellar cast of presenters who represented various components of good business management. For the small events business owner or manager who desires a conference that addresses the operational side of running a sound business and one that will generate ideas and strategies to take your business to the next level, I recommend the Signature CEO Conference as a source for a good  ROI.”

Sabrina Seymore | Sabrina Seymore Events

I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual Signature CEO Conference in Maryland. From the moment I arrived on site, I could tell the amount of organization and passion that Tara put into planning the conference. I was able to gain meaningful and authentic relationships given it’s intimate setting. Speakers were accessible and open to speak with you one on one at the conclusion of their presentation. The decor was fabulous and the food was delicious. I highly recommend this conference to any wedding professional, at any level of business you may be in!

Dawn Newsome | Dawn Newsome Make-up Artistry

“What a wonderful experience I had at The Signature CEO Conference. Going in I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to participate in; but after I got seated I quickly noticed all the other professionals who all own fabulous businesses in the room – I realized I was in for an experience.

As a makeup artist we always think that it’s just about the art, but as an entrepreneur you have to think about the business side as well if you want to successful. Being an entrepreneur for the first time, and for the past 7 years it has been a pretty exciting yet daunting task. Running my own business I had to figure out things like taxes, web site design, insurance & book keeping as an entrepreneur. Now looking back at the conference, this was just what I needed! It really gave me a lot of trusted information.

I want to thank Tara for putting this wonderful conference together.  It really exposed me and opened my eyes to new things and I look forward to implementing the great ideas that I learned from the conference.

If you have an opportunity to participate in the 2016 Signature CEO Conference, it will be the best thing you can do as entrepreneur!”

Crystal Marie | Crystal Marie Events LLC (Detroit, MI)

“The Signature CEO Conference was such a blessing to me and my company of 7 years. Now I am able to close out 2015 with a wealth of knowledge and apply it in 2016.  The presenters and Tara were amazing. We learned everything from event software, to marketing to financing. The conference was invaluable and priceless! But wait there’s more!! I met some dynamic event professionals from all over that I am able to network with and learn from. Friendships and business relationships were formed and I owe it all to this conference! I can’t wait till next year’s conference. I truly feel like a #girlboss!”

Traudlinde Pelletier | Traudlinde’s Joyous Celebrations

I attended my first Signature C.E.O conference in 2016 and was quite impressed with the style and flow of the event.  The conference ensured everyone felt a part of the activities and presentations.  No one walked away without receiving gifts as part of the conference and extensive as well as valuable knowledge from each of the speakers.   Each speaker explained their struggles they faced and the successes they’ve earned to assist each of us as entrepreneurs in our own journeys.  The speakers from different business fields astonished me with their determination to succeed.  Highly recommend this conference.  Highlights are already appearing for The Signature C.E.O Conference 2017 and they are showing some exciting new speakers.

Sabrina Hare | Couture Cakes by Sabrina

“I do not typically attend conferences, because they provide the same type of information. However, I was pleasantly surprised with The Signature CEO Conference. The information that was provided was so pertinent to where I am in my business (e.g. tax laws, social media marketing, and proper business insurance). I walked away with numerous ‘Ah-ha’ moments! The knowledge gained was invaluable. I definitely recommend this conference to any business owner!”

Marsha Scott | Wendroff & Associates, LLC

“You really did a fantastic job with the conference Tara. The attention to detail was really wonderful and at no time did I get the feeling that anything was not organized. I have served as organizer of several conferences myself so I must admit I scrutinize each venue I attend.”

Kathleen Doyle | Fabrication Events

“The best feature of the Signature CEO conference is the intimate nature. Attendees can and are encouraged to participate with the speakers and engage with each other. The learning really does extend beyond the presentations. If you are an event professional, no matter how many years in the business, you will want to be a part of this signature experience.”

Judith Ingabire | The Tabard Inn | Washington DC

“Absolutely amazing!”