Myrna P. Daramy

MYRNA P. DARAMY is a technically savvy digital analyst who embodies the mind of a creative designer. With over 12 years of experience, her natural ability to clarify the blurred lines between technology application and spontaneous creativity is what makes her one of the most insightful digital marketing strategists today. With a Bachelors of Science degree in Architecture, and an MBA focused in Information Technology, Myrna has always had a keen eye for aligning style aesthetics with sound engineering principals.

In her earlier years, Myrna worked as a Senior Project Manager in the world of construction, where she juggled hundreds of project deliverables and maintained an impressive on-time completion ratio. Myrna sustained a pattern of success by creating innovative business processes to streamline her workflow and business processes, which in turn guaranteed product quality.

While obtaining her MBA, Myrna recognized the paradigm shift where digital and social media were becoming mainstream and intuitively concluded that her skillsets would be best utilized by turning her focus towards Information Technology. This shift in her attention, and professional growth, lead her into the world of digital analytics by catering to known luxury brands like Mark Ingram Atelier, Say Yes To The Dress star Randy Fenoli, and fashion designer Anne Barge. She takes pride in knowing, believing in, and helping her clients to peel back the layers of their brand, tinker with the technology, and return to them an optimized site and digital strategy that performs better than ever before.

In her new capacity as Founder of Myrna Daramy and Cofounder and CEO of Mezzohead Media Corporation, she has assembled a team of likeminded individuals who are also as creative as the are analytical. Myrna’s reputation as a Mezzohead, urged her colleagues to collaborate with her on projects like Your Style Army,  SpitfireGirl, and Your Digital Stylists (YDS) where she is known as their not-so-secret SEO weapon. This CEO is leading the charge by catering to the digital marketing needs of any business that recognizes the importance of its online presence.

In her words, Myrna takes pride in knowing, believing in, and helping clients peel back the layers of their brand, re-engineer their technology platform, and produce an optimized marketing machine that is technically sound and quantifies every marketing dollar.