Shannon Siriano Greenwood

SHANNON SIRIANO GREENWOOD is a founder, leader, and community builder who knows the benefits of building her network with meaningful relationships over bountiful connections.

As the CEO of the Rebelle Brand, Shannon’s work supports working women in creating meaningful connections that will support them both professionally and personally.

Women network differently. And quite frankly, most of us hate networking all together, but now more than ever we recognize that having a supportive community is a vital human need.

Rebelle brings together women who are craving deep connection in formats including panel conversations, influencer interviews, hands-on workshops, and meetups with mentors.

Rebelle offers:

  • A boutique conference experience (Rebelle Con)
  • An online membership community (Rebelle Community)
  • A year-long program for professional women to connect (SWELL by Rebelle)

Shannon wants every woman to have a Wolf Pack, as defined by Abby Wambach, “a crew of brave and honest women to support you.”

She brings women together via peer mentoring groups, panel conversations, influencer interviews, and hands-on workshops to develop skills that will help them earn more, prioritize themselves, and create their own personal path to success while paving the way for generations to come.

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