(5) Tech Tips for Your Business during Amid Covid-19

Our Speaker’s care and want to extend their support to you during this time of uncertainty. As we were all affected by COVID-19, The Signature CEO Conference was postponed and with the support of our Speakers they still want to extend a reach to each of you and share advice on how you can pivot through this temporary disruption of our businesses.

We had the opportunity to do a LIVE Facebook Interview with Speaker, MYRNA DARAMY of MYRNA & CO. Myrna is a digital media strategist and tech translator for the modern business owner. With over 12 years of experience, her natural ability to clarify the blurred lines between technology application and spontaneous creativity is what makes her one of the most insightful digital marketing strategists today.

During our conversation he highlighted, “(5) Tech Tips for Your Business during Amid Covid-19”:

  1. Jump into video right now (practice, practice, practice) – Video it the number media that people are absorbing right now… Whether you are showing up on Zoom, IG, FB, or YouTube
  2. Take some time out to do an audit of your digi-home from your mobile device (your website)
      • Is your website reflecting the current version of you? (Are you digitally cohesive?)
      • Is your site responding to the fact that it is on mobile
      • When is the last time you blogged or created any new content on your website?
      • Are there any broken links on your site?
      • Is your site optimized?
  3. Visit your analytics on all the platforms that you are active on
  4. Take some time out to do an audit of all the tech platforms you are using (many of these platforms have modified their offerings)
  5. Unplug and give yourself a curfew with tech

Watch our video to get full details.

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